HHUP Temporary Assistance Fund Policy

Helping Hands University Park (HHUP)

A Town of University Park Special Committee

Fundraising Policy and Criteria

for Temporary Assistance to members of HHUP

Approved by UP Town Council July 2019

Introduction and Background

Helping Hands UP (HHUP) is a Town of University Park (UP) special committee formed in 2017. It is a community-based, volunteer organization focused on helping aging and disabled University Park residents remain in their homes as long as they wish to. HHUP does this through volunteer services, educational programs and social activities, and partnerships with other individuals and organizations that complement our mission. By engaging a wide range of residents, HHUP enhances the quality of life for our entire community.

HHUP receives a monetary stipend from UP to help defray administrative and operating costs. HHUP has also received monetary donations from HHUP members. These donated monies are managed by the Town of UP and reside in a separate fund that carries over from one budget year to the next. 

On November 19, 2018, the UP Town Council voted to approve HHUP fundraising to raise money for a Temporary Assistance Fund (TAF), provided that HHUP develops a policy for administering the funds, subject to the approval of the UP Council. This fund would be intended to help HHUP members who are in need of temporary services and/or financial assistance. 


UP permits HHUP to raise funds for purpose(s) consistent with its charter. The limitations outlined in this document are necessary because HHUP is identified with UP, and potential donors will assume that UP endorses the activity. Any funds received as part of this effort must promptly be deposited with UP’s Treasurer. The name of the donor and purpose of the deposit must also be provided to the Treasurer, who will then issue a receipt to the donor and notify the HHUP Treasurer. 

Donations to the HHUP TAF may be claimed as charitable tax deductions. TAF donations are entrusted to UP for a specific purpose. UP has a fiduciary and legal responsibility pertaining to their disbursement, which is the basis of the policies stated in this document.

Program Description 

Funds disbursed from the HHUP Temporary Assistance Fund shall be used for the following purposes:

● In-kind or monetary assistance 

● Food/Nutrition

● Housing – temporary emergency assistance or crisis situations to avoid foreclosure or eviction 

● Medical – small co-pays, urgent care visit

● Services, such as short-term health care aide assistance

Administration of funds deposited with the Town of UP

TAF monies raised by HHUP may not be used for any purpose other than to provide temporary assistance to member(s) of HHUP. UP’s Treasurer or Clerk will disburse funds only for an approved purpose. Approved purposes may include:

● Disbursing funds for needs-based programs (ensuring funds are used solely for HHUP members), which are defined as those which provide cash and in-kind benefits to low income, needy, and/or distressed individuals who do not financially contribute to the programs.

● If the individual can show sufficient "need," he or she may be eligible for a disbursement of donated funds to be used on his/her behalf.

If there is a question about whether the proposed use of funds, goods or services is appropriate, HHUP should contact the UP Treasurer before committing any funds.

Program Limitations

To ensure equitable distribution of funds, the following limitations are placed on HHUP TAF disbursements:

● Total grants to an individual will not be greater than 1/5 of the HHUP TAF assets.

o NOTE: Currently, HHUP has about $1,000 available for TAF disbursements. The 1/5th figure will be re-evaluated after one year.

● Funds are provided to, or expended for, an individual for no more than 2 months at a time.

● TAF eligibility and disbursement criteria will be evaluated one year after implementation, with changes made as determined necessary.

Fund Disbursement Eligibility Criteria

Individuals eligible to receive funds from the HHUP TAF must meet all of the following criteria:

● They are disabled or elderly members of HHUP or meet the basic eligibility criteria for HHUP membership and complete a membership application at the time of request of funds.

● Monthly expenditures should be 60% or more than monthly income.

● They have been residents of UP for at least 1 year prior to application for funds (residency determined by address on major identification documents) 

Need Determination Procedures

An HHUP sub-committee composed of the Chair and Treasurer will review requests for funds and will determine whether the applicants meet the eligibility criteria stated above. 

A UP senior or an individual concerned about a UP resident may submit the TAF application to the two-person TAF Committee for review. Committee members will then arrange to meet with the UP senior and/or individual who submitted the application. Committee members will then decide whether and how much to pay for the expressed need. Payment will be made to whomever is providing the service, or to the UP senior if a receipt for services already provided is shown.

Options for Complementary Support 

The HHUP Steering Committee leadership will utilize available resources to assist each applicant in finding a long-term solution to the events that led to needing financial assistance. The committee will contact the Town of University Park Police, as appropriate, to request assistance. The committee may also, with the resident’s permission, contact friends and relatives for assistance.