HHUP Temporary Assistance Fund (TAF)

Imagine that you have lived in University Park for 30-50 years and you retired several decades ago. You are living primarily on your social security check and pension, along with some savings you try not to dip into. Slight increases in social security payments have not kept pace with the cost of living. Wanting to age in this lovely community, you’ve learned to ​ live frugally​. What if your furnace goes out, your old stove breaks down, or you are faced with a significant amount of non-reimbursable medical expenses? There are state and federal programs that offer some assistance, but too many people are ineligible for help, or find that help is not available for their particular situation. 


To that end, HHUP, with the unanimous approval of the Town Council, has established a Temporary Assistance Fund. HHUP hopes to raise enough funds to be able to help UP seniors with ​small ​ grants when emergencies arise, e.g.: 


● In-kind or monetary assistance  ● Food/Nutrition - Meals on Wheels ● Housing – temporary emergency assistance  ● Medical – small co-pays, urgent care visits, services, such as short-term health care aide assistance 


The number and size of grants will depend on how much money we are able to raise. In addition to providing grants, HHUP will assist such individuals in locating additional resources. A full description of this fund, including how to access the application and policies can be found by clicking the highlighted links and are repeated below.

TO DONATE:  Please send your tax-deductible donation, payable to Town of University Park, designated to HHUP-TAF to HHUP, ℅ UP Town Hall, 6724 Baltimore Ave., UP, MD 20782. Thank you! 

HHUP Temporary Assistance Fund Policy

HHUP Temporary Assistance Fund Application 





County and State Resources

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